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Put it Out Project (POP) Study

  • Two digital clinical trials testing the efficacy of the Put It Out Project, a Facebook-delivered smoking cessation intervention tailored to LGBTQ+ young adults

  • Role: Project Fellow, Smoking Cessation Counselor


Vogel, E.A.; Ramo, D.E.; Meacham, M.C.; Prochaska, J.J.; Delucchi, K.L.; Humfleet, G.L. (2019) The Put it Out Project (POP) Facebook Intervention for Young Sexual and Gender Minority Smokers: Outcomes of a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Nicotine & Tobacco Research.


Ramo, D.E., Meacham, M.C., Thrul, J., Belohlavek, A., Sarkar, U., Humfleet, G. (2018) Exploring identities and preference for intervention among LGBTQ+ young adult smokers through online focus groups. Journal of Adolescent Health.


Shelter Health and Drug Use Outcomes among Women (SHADOW) Study

  • Examined relationships between medical cannabis and other drug use and between unprotected sex and psychiatric disorders in a cohort of unstably housed women

  • Role: Project Fellow


Meacham, M.C.; Bahorik, A.; Shumway, M; Marquez, C; Riley, ED. (2019) Condomless sex in the context of psychiatric co-morbidity and constrained survival choices: a longitudinal study among homeless and unstably housed women. AIDS and Behavior.


Meacham, M.C.; Ramo, D.; Kral, A; Riley, E. (2018) Associations between medical cannabis and other drug use among unstably housed women. International Journal of Drug Policy.


Vivibot Crisis Detection

  • Established ground truth for crisis detection and updated list of keywords to improve crisis detection and response in a chatbot created by Hopelab for young adult cancer survivors

  • Role: Consultant

Polydrug Use and Risk of HIV and Overdose among People Who Inject Drugs in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region

  • Modelled patterns of polydrug and polyroute use and relationships between patterns of use and HIV risk behaviors and overdose in two cohorts of people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and San Diego, California.

  • Role: Doctoral Student, Study Interviewer


Meacham, M.C.,  Roesch, S.C., Strathdee, S.A., Lindsay, S., Gonzalez-Zuniga, P., Gaines, T. (2018) Latent classes of polydrug and polyroute use and associations with HIV risk behaviors and overdose among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Drug and Alcohol Review.


Meacham, M.C., Strathdee, S.A., Rangel, G., Armenta, R.F., Gaines, T., Garfein, R.S. (2016) Prevalence and correlates of co-injection of heroin and methamphetamine among persons who inject drugs in San Diego, CA, and Tijuana, BC, Mexico. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Mexican Migration Field Research Program

  • Year-long binational field research training program with fieldwork in rural Oaxaca, Mexico, and San Diego County, USA

  • Role: Graduate Student Group Leader


M.C. Meacham, D.A. Hughes, M. Gell-Redman, M.L. Zúñiga. (2016) Prevalence and correlates of depression in a high emigration town in Oaxaca, Mexico: Findings from a binational student research training program. Annals of Global Health.

Psyberguide Mental Health App Guide

  • Provided an expert review of Mood Mission, a mental health app designed to help people with stress, low mood, and anxiety.

  • Role: Expert Reviewer

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